Welcome to Zacharia's Creek Side Café. Our casual fine dining BYOB is located in Worcester, Pennsylvania, at the most central point in Montgomery County and former location of the historic Center Point Hotel. Our café is named after the Zachariahs Creek, which has a course of about four miles across the northern angle of the township, and flows one hundred yards along the back of the restaurant. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this water source was vital to Worcester's economy, as it powered five local mills. Legend has it that the creek was named after a prominent land owner, Zacharia Whitpain.

          Andrew and Nancy Gallo are the husband and wife team who bring you Zacharias Creekside Café. Andrew graduated from Philadelphia University with a dual degree in Accounting and Marketing. He and Nancy own and operate A Gallo Affair Catering, a family-run business for many years.

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